Saturday, 10 April 2010

Too many projects

I am in the midst of spring cleaning here.  But I keep getting sidetracked by other projects. 

Last week I made this skirt for my daughter.  I made it out of a bright yellow sundress that I loved but didn't quite fit me right.  I don't have a picture of the one I made.  I could go take one right now, but Juli is not home, and the skirt needs ironing anyway.  Later...

I painted the bay-window wall of my kitchen a greenish-grey colour.  I was so tired of having the yellow everywhere, but we don't yet have the funds to paint over it.  But I had a quart of this paint that I bought from the oops table at Home Depot and didn't use for what I bought it for.  I thought it was tan.  Nope, it's grey in the morning, and green in the evening.  I actually really like the colour.  But it looks a little odd next to the yellow.  It reminds me of an old eighties sweater that my dad wore until it was literally falling apart.  It was yellow and grey.

Now I'm working on some baby shower gifts.  Are skulls an appropriate pattern for a newborn?  I'm doing one gift with skulls, and one with frogs, and then some bibs for yet another baby.  There are lots of new baby boys in my circle of friends.

I'm also in the middle of sewing a dress for Juli, and making a picture clipboard.  And I am in charge of the centerpieces for the womens' ministries spring event next month. 

But I must get the spring cleaning done!

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