Sunday, 9 May 2010

Butterfly Centrepieces

We had a lovely ladies' dinner at church on Saturday.  Here is what my centrepieces looked like.  Half the pots were purple, and half were green.  Not all the grass grew well, unfortunately (it was wheat grass, which is supposed to do better for this kind of thing than regular grass, but it didn't).  Each pot was wrapped with burlap, ribbon (of course), and rafia.  Around each pot I sprinkled some dried lavender.  This was a fun project to do, and felt like deorating a wedding!

I also made table number cards, which can be used again, and laminated if they choose, and reserved signs.  But I have to redo the reserved signs, because the ones I made were too small to be noticed by some of the older ladies, or so I'm told.  I'm going to make them double-sided too, as suggested by my mom.



  1. Oh what a fantastic DIY project. You are one clever and creative gal.

    I finally finished a project I have been working on for 23 years.

    Pop on by.

  2. Hi, Joanna! Thank you for the shout-out of my blog (The Happy Book Blog). I also agree that we should surround our lives with all things meaningful and pretty. I will certainly be back to learn more!


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