Thursday, 13 May 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling is So Cool!

Last night I had a few hours to myself after the kids went to bed.  Nico didn't wake up 10 times in the two hours after I put him to bed!  Yay!.  I've been wanting to try freezer paper stenciling (video tutorial found here).  People have come up with some amazing designs that look like screen printing but without the expensive supplies. 

I bought this blue onesie at a children's consignment store, and decided it would be perfect for my test run.  A while ago I printed the words I wanted, then layered the print out under some freezer paper to cut out my designs.  I did two projects.  The other one will have to wait to be revealed until Fathers' Day.

I am so happy with both shirts!  The edges aren't as crisp as with actual screen printing, but that may just be because I used too much paint.  Maybe I should have done two thin coats of paint instead.  Next time.  Unfortunately Nick is growing so fast that this shirt won't fit him for long.  I need to start buying 18-month size for my 9-month-old.  Yet the doctor says he's only 50th percentile for weight.

Now I have to do something for Juliana, but I can't find plain t-shirts for girls. 

Juliana showing off her new Superstore pyjamas (I love the clothes there), her birthday lollipop, and her daddy's paint-covered shoes.  She shuffled over to me and said "Look Mama, look!  You have to take a picture."

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  1. What a day you had! Most mothers of multiples can identify. That is why we mums are so strong :) You are such a delight to me, Joanna, and I love reading your blog and seeing how you interact with Juli (she is amazing!). Love you tons!


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