Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Frock by Friday - I mean Sunday

My dress is done!  Did I say it was JUST the zipper and hem that needed to be done?  Well, the hem was the hardest part!  And I had two hems.  I'm still not sure it is straight.  But Kevin didn't notice anything wonky when I asked him.  And then last night and today I hand stitched the facing down.

In all, I really like this dress.  The pattern was easy.  I don't think I've worn anything with the waistline actually at my natural waist for a long time.  I need to figure out how to accessorise.  I really like Jenny's idea of a black sash or belt.  We'll see if I come up with anything.  But feel free to suggest more ideas!  The skirt is also several inches shorter than I usually wear, and it's a nice change.

What I don't like about the dress is the possibly wonky hem, the invisible zipper which is not so invisible (totally my fault, I forgot how to do them properly until I was already done and sick of ripping out stitches.), the neckline that gapes a bit because I had to take it in about four inches at the back, and the back of the skirt that doesn't lie nicely like it should.  If I make this pattern again (which I just might!) it will be better.

Overall, it's pretty good for a dress that only cost as much as the zipper.  To see other dresses from the sew-along, go to Grosgrain's Flikr group.


  1. I love it, well done. In spite of the hiccups. :) You look pretty.

  2. Joanna, your dress is lovely!! Those little imperfections that you notice, no one else will EVER see!!! I do like the idea of some sort of belt or tie at the "waist". You did a great job, and the dress looks wonderful on you!


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