Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spring Picnic

Kevin is studying at work today.  His CMA case exam is on Wednesday, and he wouln't get much peace to study if he stayed home.  It is the first fairly nice day since our last snowstorm, so I promised Juli we could go to the park.  But between getting myself ready and getting the kids ready, it was getting close to lunch time before we were ready.  So we brought our lunch and had a picnic!  Why does peanut butter and honey taste so much better when eaten at the park with a few grains of sand stuck to it?

Nico was so tired.  He hadn't had a morning nap, and we took the wagon instead of the stroller.  If he had been in the stroller, I'm sure he would have slept the whole time.  But--selfish me--I wanted him to take a nap at the same time as Juli, so I wouldn't let him sleep.  He did very well even though he was tired.

I can't believe Juli is big enough to climb this thing.  I told her to go ahead and try, sure that she wouldn't be able to do it.  Nope, she made it to the top in no time.

Juli wanted to practice her "stork stand" from gymnastics.

On our way home, I had both kids in the wagon, but Nico kept flopping over.  He was so tired he couldn't even hold his body upright, the poor boy.  So we made a little bed for him and gave him his bottle.  He would have slept in there if it weren't for the constant bumpiness of the muddy construction-zone sidewalks.

PS: I'm thinking of submitting a column idea to a quarterly writers' magazine.  Am I crazy?  I haven't written in weeks, and now I want to make a commitment to something?  Yikes.

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