Thursday, 27 May 2010


We're going to BC on holidays again this year (Fairmont, of course). I desperately need a new swimsuit.

(source: Shabby Apple)

When I got married, of course I bought a bikini for the honeymoon, but I really didn't like it. It didn't fit me well. Then later I bought a tankini, but I think it was made to fit someone pre-adolescent. I actually wore that one when I was 7 months pregnant. I got rid of that one when Juli was a baby because I didn't think I'd ever fit into it again.

(source: Lime Ricki)

I visited my sister (also in BC) and forgot my swimsuit. We made a quick trip to Fields to see what was January. To my surprise, they actually had a really cute red, yellow, and pink bikini that did NOT look like something from the 80s. I bought it. It was great. I really liked the bottoms, which is the part I had issues with for my other one. But the top. Well, I had issues with the top. Let's just say I had to be very careful...

(Source: Lime Ricki)

So. I will not be wearing that on our holidays when I have to carry around a one-year-old who likes to grab at anything he can reach!
(Source: Shabby Apple)

I've been looking around online and found a few that I love. I haven't actually been to any stores, since swimsuit shopping is not something I want to do with two kids and a stroller. My list of things to do by myself just keeps getting longer and longer. I need to take a Saturday and just get it all done. Hmm...does Kevin have any plans for this Saturday?

Or I could just win Grosgrain's Giveaway for a Shabby Apple swimsuit.


  1. I like your swim suite choices!! I'm on search for one as well, something that will fit the twins! So far, no success... if it fits, it's SUPER ugly... I'm not sure if there is anything out there for a DD. =(

  2. Oh I just adore the whole 1940's look. I too need a new suit. Thanks for shopping for me. :)


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