Sunday, 30 May 2010

Toddler Beachcomber Dress

I tried making Juli a dress today.  Specifically, Disney's Beachcomber Dress that she shared at Tea Rose Home this week.  I'm not happy with the result, but I think the main issue is that the knit fabric I used is a lot thinner and stretchier than what Disney used, so it has a different drape.  I'd like to try using a men's undershirt like she did (think Kevin would notice if I stole one?).  Looking at the pictures, I can see that I need to cut the ruffle shorter, and I should try to hem the bottom.  I do love the rope straps and belt, and that the dress looks kind of Roman, in a turquoise knit kind of way.

Knit fabric scares me, despite the fact that the very first thing I sewed in my married life was a long-sleeve t-shirt for Kevin.  I was quite impressed with how that turned out.  (sorry, I don't have any pictures, and the shirt went to goodwill with the last load)

I also think that part of the issue is that when I made this dress, the ground was covered in snow.  The day after tomorrow is June, I have my tomatoes planted in the garden, but we're still getting snow.

I'll have to have Juli try on the dress when we have some sunshine.  Maybe at the beach.


  1. You may not have spikes on him yet, but I LOVE that stage his hair is in. My sisters and I call it "feathers" because the hair is to light and wispy and soft. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. It turned out so well!
    Love that JK looks and acts way older than her age!



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