Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Organisation - Preschooler's Art Supplies

I used to keep all of Juliana's art stuff in a cardboard file box in this closet.  But I got so tired of digging through the box to find things, and the completed art was getting a little out of hand.  Not to mention Juliana's birthday cards.  Where do you put those?

Juliana had this Ikea organising thing in her bedroom that we bought for her books and toys, but she kept emptying  it.  So I conscripted it for this.  I think the key to keeping this organised is the lables.  Juli is too young to read them, but it helps me to remember what goes where, especially if Juli has put things in the wrong drawer.

Now, I have no idea how to organise the rest of my house.  Any ideas?

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  1. You should put pictures under or beside the words so she can learn to organize too! Then later it will help her to recognize the words and pictures together!

    Ash :)

  2. Organizing is KEY to all the little ones little stuff. I have a keepsake box for cards and "keeper" artwork. The rest is kind of similar to what you have here. I have an art studio/office, so the kids have little baskets of their stuff in there, and the "quick grab" things like activity books and markers/crayons are in bins hidden inside a bench near the kitchen.


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