Friday, 18 June 2010

Poor Little Lost Bunny

We have a visitor.  A much nicer visitor than the mice that Kevin recently evicted from the garage.  But still a rodent.  Last night I was using the computer in the basement, which is situated directly under the window.  Suddenly, I heard something scratching on the screen!  My first thought was "mouse, ew!"  I looked up and definitely saw some rodent paws scratching, and a little rodent nose sniffing.  But for a mouse, they were huge!  Ew!  I knew we don't have rats in Alberta, so I had to take a closer look.  I stood up and peered outside.  There was a poor little lost and confused bunny!  He was so little!  We had found a different bunny in our yard a few days ago when Kevin was mowing.  It was hiding under the kids' slide.  But this new little bunny is about half the size.  So tiny!

I ran upstairs and had Kevin, my hero, come outside with me to rescue the poor baby.  After peeking in to the window well and taking a picture, I had to stand back because I hate having things (especially rodents) jump out at me.  After unsuccessfully trying to catch the baby, Kevin had to put something in the window well to act as a ramp and shoo the little guy out.  He ran under our back steps, and there he remains.  Kevin put some radishes and lettuce out for him, but he's just huddling in the corner under the steps.  Is he lost?  Where's his mama?  How can we send him back home?


  1. We have a few of them hopping around:)-
    sandy toe

  2. We've had lost baby bunnies. The county extension office told us to leave them alone, that mama will find him. And he may be rejected if there is too much human handling.

    BTW, happy SITS Tuesday - love your blog. Now following!

    xo Erin

  3. Aww I had a pet bunny when I was little so this really tugs at my heart strings. I hope he/she manages to hop his way home somehow.


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