Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Preschooler-made birthday invitations

This year is the first time Juliana will be having a birthday party with her friends.  I was going to just make the invitations myself, but I wasn't coming up with any workable ideas.  One day when we were browsing a craft store, Juli saw some sparkly foam heart-shaped stickers and asked me to buy them, in that insistent way that almost-three-year-olds do.  I told her to put them on her birthday list.  She has quite an extensive list, including two "kid-houses" (play structures for the back yard), a swing, a slide, a sandbox, a kite, a scooter "so I can scoot!", a puppy (a real one, with a leash, wheels, and a bib), toys, princesses, and these sparkly heart stickers. 

So I decided to get her some sparkly stickers and let her make her own invitations.  I bought a pack of craft foam sheets and cut them in half, then let her stick as many sparkly foam stickers on them as she liked.  I got flowers as well as hearts and Juli didn't seem to mind.

Next I created the text on the computer, printed it on some bright yellow cardstock, and hot-glued it on the back.

On Sunday we had a great practice run for Juli's party.  Our church moms' group had a year-end family BBQ. Our back yard was just the right size for the 25-or-so people.  It was really nice to have a large group there and not have to worry about coordinating absolutely everything the first time.  I am blessed to have this group of women as my friends.

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