Monday, 12 July 2010

3-year-old's Birthday Party

Juliana had her first birthday party with friends.  Planning it was rather stressful to me, since I've never been to a kid-focused kid's birthday party before.  The ones I've been to have been more like family gatherings, with no specific activities planned.

But Kevin helped immensely with planning the fact, he planned most of them, I just bought and made the stuff!

Goody bags with thank you cards inside.

Juliana picked out napkins that were mostly pink and green with some other colours, so I went with that colour theme.  And ended up having a flag theme, which I thought was cute.

My original intention was to have the party outside with the wading pool, water balloons, bubbles, etc.  But it was cloudy and a little rainy on Saturday morning so we stayed inside.  I made some fishing poles with magnets on the end, and some fish with magnets inside so that the kids could go fishing in the wading pool...or, as it actually happened, on our living room floor.  I'm quite pleased how it turned out.  I just may post a tutorial. 

We also finger painted and had a piniata.  For the finger painting, I wanted to buy smocks, but the only ones I found were too expensive to buy six of.  I had some crummy knit fabric that I haven't been able to do much with because it's so thin and stretchy.  So I cut rectangles that were approximately 12x24 inches and made smocks out of them.  I cut strips from the sides about two-thirds of the way up, starting at the bottom, and a slit across the top about 2 inches from the edge.  They worked great!  I didn't notice any paint on the kids clothes when they were done.

In between activities, the kids all happily played with Juli and Nick's toys.  For lunch we just had hot dogs, fruit, and veggies. 

Here's what started the flag theme:  I cut out some triangles out of cardstock and sewed them together.  I used a zig-zag stitch because I didn't want to create a straight line of perforation where the flags could rip.

Juliana was pretty excited about the ice cream cone cupcakes.  They were adorable.  But the only kid who actually ate the cake was the 14-month old who loves to eat.  Juliana just licked the icing off and went to play.  The other kids her age ate a little of the cake.  Personally, I think the mini cupcakes I made with the leftover batter tasted the best.

Juli did a great job blowing out all three of her candles.  Whew, no boyfriends!

Juliana had great enthusiasm while opening her presents.  As soon as she glimpsed the present she exclaimed "Wow!"  Even before she saw what it was.  She showed just as much excitement when her cousin was opening birthday presents the next day.

After her friends left, Juli had fun playing with her gifts.  Happy birthday princess!

The next party I'm planning is a joint family birthday party for both kids, in about 2 weeks.  Poor Nico has to share his first birthday party with his sister.  We're inviting the family from both sides.  We've never done that before, in 8 years of marriage.  It's about time!


  1. the kids loved Juli's party! Brody asked if we could go to a party like that all the time. I happily ate what was left of the kids cupcake cones...yummmy!! and the loot in the lootbags were enjoyed immediately! thanks again for having us, what a fun day!

  2. Very cute party! I especially loved the thank you notes with the banner sewn on...too adorable!

  3. Wow, so adorable Joanna - I love your blog. You are so inspiring!! :) Glad your little princess had such a good time!

  4. Thank you so much for the compliment of my long lavender paisley dress.


  5. That is so adorable! I love the invitations you made with the banner. Thanks for sharing.


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