Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Baby Overalls

I had a little bit of the tan seersucker fabric left after making Juli's outfit, and I thought it was time that I made Nico something.  I envisioned making the overalls entirely out of the seersucker, but I didn't quite have enough fabric, so I used a stretch canvas that I bought to make myself a skirt, and used the seersucker for the pockets and facing.

I did all the stitching in blue, just because it's fun.  I flat-felled all the seams.  I think I love finishing seams.  It's quite satisfying to make a garment with no raw edges inside.  It's just as nice inside as it is outside.  Except for where one of the snaps somehow got squished crookedly when I put it on.

The overalls (which are supposed to be shorts!) are rather big on Nico, and will probably fit him next summer too.  But they're not so big that he can't wear them now.

He looks so adorable, especially when he doesn't have a shirt underneath.  I used Simplicity 5316 for the pattern, and took off 4 inches from the legs for shorts.  This is the first time I've ever used a snap strip (or whatever it's called, I can't remember).  It was difficult!  But maybe that was just because it was slippery satin and I didn't pin it.  But now that it's sewn on, it's secure and makes diaper changes easy!  But I think next time I just might install each snap individually.  It was actually providential that I even had the snap strip.  It was inherited from my mother when she was clearing out her apartment.  I also inherited her Gingher scissors, which I love.

And of course his big sister wanted to wear overalls too!

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