Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blue Roses Shirt, or Grandma's Curtains

The fabric I made this shirt out of reminds me of curtains from some grandma's house.  Not my grandma though.  She had lace curtains, I think.  But she did have a light fixture that was the same deep shade of turquoise as the roses on my shirt.

I used New Look pattern # 6913 for the shirt.  I was not sure what size to make it, since each of my four measurements are for a different size.  So I traced the pattern onto kraft paper and made this shirt using one size.  I think I picked the right size, though I did take it in an inch on each side.  I don't need that much ease.

I love how the slight gathering worked with such a light fabric.  I finished all the seams that I could, so only the armhole seams have the raw fabric edges showing.  I butterflied the back seam so it was centred, and flat-felled the rest.  Who needs a serger!  Juliana took this picture below. 

And this is how we spent the rest of our hot day:


  1. Nice shirt. You are just so creative. :)

  2. Hi Joanna! Cute top!! We went to the Mall today! We just missed you :( Gwen went on the Lightning McQueen, but we did look at Rocket! It was a tough decision. Miss you guys!

  3. Very pretty the vintage looking fabric. I also liked looking at your tea towel apron.
    I'm a new follower!


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