Sunday, 18 July 2010

Market Skirt and Warhol Top

This skirt is my most favourite thing I've ever made.  Ever.  Move over Kevin, I'm in love with a skirt.  I used the market skirt tutorial from Made.  In the tutorial, Dana recommends doubling up the white fabric if it isn't heavy enough.  When I first read that, I automatically envisioned a double ruffle like this.  Then I read on and realised that is not what she meant!  But I decided to do it anyway. 

I used a tan seer-sucker fabric that I've had for a while (yes Ash, it matches your ribbon board!).  And an unbleached muslin for the white part.  Both are bolt-ends, of course.  The muslin had a really loose weave until I washed it in hot water like I do with all my new fabric.  Then it shrunk to half its original size and got this really neat crinkled texture.  It was wonderful to work with.  I wish I had lots more!  The buttons on the pockets are not functional.  But they're so pretty.

Since I love the skirt so much, I decided that Juliana needed a matching top.  I've been intending to make the Warhol Dress for her (also from Made), and I thought it would make a cute top for the skirt.  I didn't really use the pattern for this.  I used my measurements from Juli's embroidered top to cut the front and back, then followed Dana's directions for the yoke and tie.

Juliana is getting really good at modeling my sewing projects.  She turned around before I asked her to.

See how wonderful that muslin fabric is?

I needed some way to tell at a glance which was the front and which was the back, because the neckline is cut a little deeper in the front and I didn't want to have to line it up or guess each time I go to put it on her.  Not to mention that Kevin wouldn't be able to tell at all.  So I machine-embroidered some leaves, made a yo-yo flower and stitched it on the front corner.



  1. Sweetness, your dress is on the Grosgrain blog!

    Very cute by the way. :)


  2. Stopping by from Grosgrain. Such a darling dress (and model)!

  3. Very very cute dress. You're so talented!

  4. Super cute!!! And a super cute little model. When my daughter was that age, she ran away everytime I called her name while I was sewing...she hated trying on the clothes, she loves clothes now, though!

  5. I thought the fabric was familiar! :)

    That outfit is adorable! Well done! AND THE MODEL is so cute! I miss her! :) (AND you too! :) )


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