Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Plans for my thrift store fabric

Last week I discovered a treasure-trove.  Value Village, as ridiculously overpriced as they usually are for everything else, has a great and cheap fabric selection!  I came home with six pieces.  Now, what shall I do with them?

Fabric A:  This muted paisly is a really soft cotton-ish blend fabric.  I want to make a fairly structured dress, maybe with short sleeves that will work for summer and fall.

Fabric B: I love the colours of this fabric.  It's also some kind of cotton-blend, I think.  I'd like to do a skirt, or a simple sundress.  And maybe a little dress for Juli too, depending on how much fabric is left.  (of course we wouldn't wear matching dresses at the same time.)

Fabric C: This one, that you can barely see, is close to 100% wool as far as I can tell. It will probably end up as a skirt for fall and winter. One more reason to wear my tall black boots!
Fabric D: This is a thin cotton.  It will be used as lining for for fabric A, B, or E.

Fabric E: This is a silky-soft paisley.  I don't know what I want to do with this one yet.  Skirt?  Top?  I'm not sure if there is enough for a dress.

Fabric F: This one is navy suiting. It will be a basic skirt.

Does anyone have other ideas for what I could do with the fabric?  Or pattern suggestions?  I'd love to have your input.

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