Wednesday, 25 August 2010

From Dirty White to Delicious Blue

Finally!  No more dirty white door with dog scratches.  On Monday I painted three coats of Behr Exterior Paint with Primer in "Midnight Dream". 

This is after the final coat.  It's not actually this splotchy now that it has dried and cured some.  I did miss a few little spots, and there is a weird texture because I used a sponge roller (what I had on hand).  So after the paint is completely cured, I plan to sand it a little and get a regular roller for one last coat of paint.  Even after that, I'll still have enough paint to do the back door and maybe the door into the detatched garage.

And just look how perfect my antique angel door-knocker looks against the blue!  It would have disappeared into the white.

I wonder what our neighbours (in the other half of our duplex) think about it.  They like the fact that our place can look like one big house instead of a duplex...


  1. Very nice and I love the door knocker...looks amazing. :)

  2. Very nice. That door knocker is great!

  3. Very nice jo! I love the angel on the door, its perfect! great shade of blue too.

  4. looks awesome!!! I am so glad that you found a spot for the door knocker :)

  5. Love the door color. I'm working on a flip house that is red brick and I think this would be a good accent color. THnaks for sharing...L.


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