Monday, 23 August 2010

No Longer a Baby

Nico turned one this past week.  In my mind he's still 6 months old.  In reality, he's a toddler now, not a baby.  He's almost walking.  I just bought him size 6 shoes.

He's learning to climb.

And today, we cut his hair.  It was only growing at the back, so we needed to do something before it became mullet-length.

He's a very ticklish boy, and giggled non-stop as Kevin was trying to cut his hair.  I tried to post a video, but it was taking way too long to process.

Happy birthday Nico.  I enjoy watching you grow up.

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! He does not look like he's having fun during the buzz cut!!!

    Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!


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