Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Kids Made My Day

Yesterday I was a bit sick.  I needed sleep.  I was miserable.  I could barely function.  Kevin was great, taking Juli to her friend's birthday party and then taking both kids to have dinner with his parents while I stayed home and got some rest.  But before they went to dinner, I was lying in bed trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.  I told Juli that I was sick and needed a nap.  She said, "Do you want to cuddle the little bear?"  What a thoughtful girl I have!  I have a small stuffed bear that Kevin gave me when we were dating and I was in the hospital for an apendectomy.  Juli loves this bear, but she only gets to sleep with it when she is sick.  She ran to get it for me and tucked it under my chin, saying "There you go Mom."

And earlier that day, Nico was trying to get my attention.  He said "Mama.  Mama."  This is the first time he has said that and I've been fairly certain that he was using it as my name.  Most of the time he just babbles, "Da da da da da da da" or "Na na na na na".  Lately he's started to say "Ma ma ma ma" a little, but this was different.  He distinctly said "Mama."  I love my boy!  He's also starting to say "yeah", and "nah" at appropriate times.

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