Friday, 29 October 2010

A Woman's Crowning Glory

My hair is getting pretty long again.  I've been wanting to cut it for months.  I won't point out all the reasons why (I don't want you to notice them the next time you see me), but I've had about enough of it.  I cut bangs a few weeks ago in a fit of frustration.  It was either that or shave my head.  I've been contemplating really short hair cuts, but I'd never have the courage.  But I definitely know it is time to cut a lot of hair off.

So, that is the attitude I've had toward my hair.  I can't seem to make it look nice anymore.  Yesterday, I had my hair done up all day and didn't like how it was behaving, so right before I left the house to go to dinner at my grandparents', I took out all the clips, looked in the mirror and said to myself, "ugh!"  Then I ran out the door with the kids, not doing anything about it.

By the time I got to my destination I had forgotten that my hair was a kinky wavy mess.  I came in the door, and my Papa (whom I adore) said something like "I like your long hair." (of course coming from him, the simple comment sounded Scottish and so much lovelier).

It is amazing how quickly my attitude changed!  Kevin has been telling me for months (years?) not to cut my hair short.  I don't listen to him (sorry Kev).  But when Papa makes one comment, I find that I want to honour his preference and keep my hair long.

It's just strange.  But maybe if you knew my Papa you wouldn't think so.  He is just lovely.

But I'm probably still going to cut my hair short (sorry Papa).

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jewelry Organiser

For the past few months, my jewelry has been in an tangled mess on top of my dresser.  I've been wanting to make something to hang my necklaces and earrings on, but I couldn't come up with an idea.  Then, when I finally did think of something, I didn't have the tools to make it.

When we were in Ontario I asked my father-in-law to cut me a piece of wood and router the edges.

Back at home I stained and painted it.  I used two coats of colonial walnut stain (one under the flowers, and one over).  It is about 18 inches long by about 4.5 inches tall.

I am very happy with the results!  This is the stain colour I'll be using on my new/old dresser.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Post-Holiday Reset

We just returned from a lovely holiday in Ontario where Kevin grew up.  I love going there.  I was excited to see the famed fall colours, since I've never been there in the fall before.  Unfortunately, this year wasn't a great one for colour.  There wasn't a lot of red, but even so it was nice to actually still have leaves on the trees.  As we were about to land back at home, it was rather depressing to see nothing but naked trees everywhere.

Now that I'm back at home, I hope to develop a new routine for myself.  I've had a week's break from my bad habits, so I'm trying something different to try and reset my housekeeping.  Instead of eating my breakfast at the computer, I'm not even checking my email 'til after lunch at the earliest.  For the first part of the morning, I found myself looking for other ways to procrastinate instead of getting stuff done like I had planned.  But I eventually got myself together and accomplished more than I expected.

What prompted this change is the topic of discussion at yesterday's moms group: Time wasters.  I didn't even have to think about my biggest problem in that area.

Today, to keep myself motivated and keep track of what I've accomplished, I took the suggestion of a friend, and made a "Have Done" list, rather than a "To Do" list.  Here's is mine for the day, so far.

  1. Fed the kids breakfast (I actually cooked!  That never happens at breakfast)
  2. Unloaded dishwasher
  3.  Took out the garbage
  4. Organised 4 cupboards
  5. Organised the pantry (if my kitchen is not organised, I get frazzled)
  6. Delivered spiced crabapples and applesauce to the two friends who did the work with me.
  7. Got some groceries
  8. Fed the kids lunch.  Nearly forgot to have lunch myself.
  9. Washed 3 loads of laundry
  10. Folded 2 loads of laundry
I always knew I could get so much done if I just stayed off the computer.   Wish me luck tomorrow in keeping off the computer! Now, I must go fold that last load of laundry and sweep the floor.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Something Else Unexpected

I stopped by the Goodwill Donation Centre this morning, to drop off the two boxes of stuff I cleared out of the basement.  I noticed as I drove up that there was a dresser at the back of the building, that lookled like it had all its drawers and hardware, but obviously was abandoned.  This donation centre doesn't accept furniture, so it was probably just dumped there when someone didn't want to drive all the way to the one that does take furniture.  The lady working didn't even know the dresser was there.  Since it wasn't at a dumpster, I didn't want to just take it.  It was near the back door of the liquor store, so I went inside to ask if I could take it.  They guy came out to look at it with me, and said I could have it.

I'm pretty sure he thought I was absolutely insane.  But it's a solid wood dresser!

I was on my way to Walmart, so I made sure to pick up some strong disinfecting Lysol to clean it with.  It kind of looked like it had been used as a mouse condo.  As soon as I got Nick in bed for his nap, Juli and I went outside.  I had to clean it right away or I knew I would procrastinate.  I used nearly the entire bottle of Lysol.  I'm hoping to strip it Sunday.

Unexpected Art

When my friend and I were canning on Wednesday, the kids played outside in the afternoon, with Juli's playhouse and sandbox and whatever else they found.  I had four scraps of wood sitting on the back step, intending to do something artistic with them.  They were leftover from making my rustic shelves (seen in the above picture)  Yesterday when I went outside,  I discovered the kids had done some artwork of their own!  Two were even propped up against the fence for display.  I couldn't resist bringing them inside.

Yesterday I accomplished a lot, I think, besides hanging my unexpected art. I canned eight pints of applesauce, and nearly finished cleaning up my craft area!  I was intending to finish the cleaning completely because the end of September was my deadline, but Kevin made me go to bed at 10:30.

Happy October!