Friday, 1 October 2010

Something Else Unexpected

I stopped by the Goodwill Donation Centre this morning, to drop off the two boxes of stuff I cleared out of the basement.  I noticed as I drove up that there was a dresser at the back of the building, that lookled like it had all its drawers and hardware, but obviously was abandoned.  This donation centre doesn't accept furniture, so it was probably just dumped there when someone didn't want to drive all the way to the one that does take furniture.  The lady working didn't even know the dresser was there.  Since it wasn't at a dumpster, I didn't want to just take it.  It was near the back door of the liquor store, so I went inside to ask if I could take it.  They guy came out to look at it with me, and said I could have it.

I'm pretty sure he thought I was absolutely insane.  But it's a solid wood dresser!

I was on my way to Walmart, so I made sure to pick up some strong disinfecting Lysol to clean it with.  It kind of looked like it had been used as a mouse condo.  As soon as I got Nick in bed for his nap, Juli and I went outside.  I had to clean it right away or I knew I would procrastinate.  I used nearly the entire bottle of Lysol.  I'm hoping to strip it Sunday.


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