Friday, 1 October 2010

Unexpected Art

When my friend and I were canning on Wednesday, the kids played outside in the afternoon, with Juli's playhouse and sandbox and whatever else they found.  I had four scraps of wood sitting on the back step, intending to do something artistic with them.  They were leftover from making my rustic shelves (seen in the above picture)  Yesterday when I went outside,  I discovered the kids had done some artwork of their own!  Two were even propped up against the fence for display.  I couldn't resist bringing them inside.

Yesterday I accomplished a lot, I think, besides hanging my unexpected art. I canned eight pints of applesauce, and nearly finished cleaning up my craft area!  I was intending to finish the cleaning completely because the end of September was my deadline, but Kevin made me go to bed at 10:30.

Happy October!


  1. Way to go Joanna!!! Great job on such a productive day! I LOVE the art work! Little J will be very impressed ;)

  2. Your shelf is cute and I be the kids were so proud to see you displayed their masterpieces :). Thanks for sharing!


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