Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Blue Corduroy Skirt

Boy, I wish I were a better photographer.

I recently found a bag of hand-me-downs that I had forgotten about.  In it was a cute light green shirt, and some multi-coloured striped tights for Juliana.  The tights were too long and the heels were worn out, but I just sewed a new toe seam and cut off the excess and they were perfect.  They were just so cute that I wanted Juli to wear them the very next day (Monday).  So the following morning I got her dressed with the tights and shirt, but there was nothing for her to wear with them, since her denim skirt was in the laundry.  The only other skirts she has are plaid and they just wouldn't work.  So, I put a movie on for Juli, and made her a skirt.  I've been meaning to make her some more skirts anyway.

I initially tried to do a yoga-style fold-over waistband, but it didn't work.  So I sewed some 1-inch elastic in to a loop, folded the waistband over it, and hand-stitched it on the inside.  I love how this skirt turned out.  So much that I made her wear it again today.  I used turquoise knit fabric (very thin and very stretchy), pin-wale corduroy, and wedding tulle.

The inspiration for this skirt came from a tutorial on another blog, although I didn't use a tutorial.  Now I can't find the original tutorial.  That said, my skirt is significantly different from that one, at least in construction if not in appearance.


  1. I love the skirt!! I love making easy skirts like that.
    Hint- I made a skirt for my daughter (its on my blog) with lace around the bottom. She was running and got rug burn looking scrapes on the back of her knees.

  2. Oh! I wish I'd known about her skirt this morning, I'd have had a closer look. It's very cute! I'm amazed and impressed at how quickly you can whip something up.
    PS. Is there something new hanging in your kitchen?

  3. What a blessed little girl...having a mommy that can whip up a skirt for her when she needs one is great. Love the whole outfit...and you are a great phototgrapher...I love your pictures. :)

  4. I love that you can just wip up an adorable skirt in about an hour! You are so talented Joanna!

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