Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas Gift Centrepieces

These are centrepieces from a Christmas event.  The elements: Box wrapped in Kraft paper, twig stars, tall candle holders, ribbon, coffee-dyed and stamped tags, jute string, fluffy fake snow, and small red stars .  I don't usually use so many different things, but with the shape of the box (I used the boxes that usually store the candleholders), I needed to make the centrepiece more rounded rather than long.

It was difficult to take decent pictures this time...and I didn't really try very hard.  I get too self-conscious when I try to take pictures with other people around.  But at the end of the night I noticed a couple of other people taking pictures of the centrepieces, so I guess they were a hit!

My original concept was just the wrapped box (squarish), fluffy snow, and three tea-light holders.

I got a great deal on the ribbon, and except for the green, it was pretty good quality (not sewing-quality, but quite nice).

The tags and string were from my own stash, and will be reappearing on Christmas gifts this year.

Many thanks to everyone who helped dismantle everything afterward.  I would have been there 'til midnight if I did it by myself!

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