Wednesday, 8 December 2010

We Light a Thousand Candles Bright (or maybe just seven)

I finally found something to put on the half-wall between the kitchen and living room that actually makes sense!  I love taper candles.  But for some reason, no taper candles actually fit in any of my candle holders.  So I have to wrap the ends with bits of paper towel to make them fit.  The four matching brass candle holders are from our wedding.  The two short silver ones are from my grandparents' 25th anniversary.  They gave them to me when they moved.  I love the look of tarnished, spotty silver.  The middle one is my favourite.  I have no idea how old it is.  I'm guessing 70s, but if I'm lucky it could be antique.  I bought it for $2 at a garage sale.  It's quite heavy.  I have no idea what the knobby thing on the side is for.  It makes the candle base slide up and down. 


We light a thousand candles bright, around the earth today,
And all the beams will shine across the heaven's grand display.

Yes, over land and sea tonight the joyful message brings

The birth of Him, our Lord and Christ, our Savior and our King.

Dear brightest star o'er Bethlehem, O let your precious light

Shine in with hope and peace toward men in ev'ry home tonight.

In all our house so cold and dark, please send your warmth sublime,

The warmth that comes from Jesus' love this blessed Christmas time.

(Traditional Christmas Carol)

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