Sunday, 23 January 2011

Kitchen Cleaning Motivation: a Pretty Tablecloth

I've been wanting a tablecloth for a while.  The ones in the stores were too modern or too grandma or too fancy.  When I saw this 2 metre piece of fabric at Ikea for 50% off, I immediately envisioned a tablecloth.  I've had it on the table for most of this past week, but just got around to hemming it yesterday.  I have just enough leftover fabric to either make 4 napkins or an apron.  I will probably do the apron.

There's something about having a pretty table that makes me want to scrub the rest of the kitchen to match!  The first day I had it on there, I cleared off and reorganised the counters, shined my sink a la flylady, and even scrubbed the half-bathroom.  Juliana had a blast cleaning with me, with her squirt bottle of water.  Even Nico tried to help.


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  1. Seriously, Joanna. This is too cute. I am always amazed at how you have the time to do such great projects! I love the picture of Nic helping out, Max does that all the time too. It's adorable. :)


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