Friday, 28 January 2011

My Free Dresser

 I finally finished my dresser!  This is the dresser that I found behind the goodwill donation depot/liquor store back in October.  Here is what it looked like before, full of mice droppings and smelling strongly of creme brule:

And this is what it looks like now:

 I used a dark Minwax stain (I think it was Colonial Walnut), and for a finish I used Antiquax.  I love furniture wax.  It gives such a soft rich-feeling finish.  I may add a coat of poly one day, but for now I like it.  I didn't change the hardware at all.  I think the pewter colour looks way better with the darker finish than it did with the pine.  Nico wanted to get in all the pictures.  I had to include one of him, since the poor guy doesn't have a picture on the dresser (I've hardly printed anything since he was born.)

Here is the rest of the room.  Feminine side:

 Masculine side:

The room still needs a lot, but is currently at the bottom of the priority list...well, maybe not quite bottom.  I really need to find a nice wicker laundry basket or hamper.  Our walk-in closet is teeny-tiny, so our laundry has to be out in the bedroom.  Our plastic baskets won't cut it.  And the dresser needs legs.  Two or three inches should do it.

I have big ideas for this room, which will be fun to make happen (think horizontal stripes).  But first, the kids' bathroom.  Next, the main floor.  Then we'll see about the bedrooms.


  1. It's BEAUTIMOUS!!!
    I love that color and those pulls....LUH. SHUSS!


  2. What an awesome find. The color is seriously gorgeous!


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