Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Morning Smoothie

I've been forgetting to have breakfast lately.  Or eating things that aren't healthy.  So when I went grocery shopping last night, I determined to buy things for making healthy breakfasts and lunches.  Thanks to my friends H and M for the smoothie ideas.  Today I threw in:
a banana
a mango
vanilla yogurt
ice cubes
red river cereal (cooked)

So between my delicious smoothie, and happy kids, and some lovely music, I'm having a great morning so far.


  1. Yum!! Morning smoothies are the best way to go. I buy a powder called whole foods smoothie infusion - from Save-on :) I put a scoop in every morning smoothie (along with a scoop of flax seeds) and I can hardly notice the taste with all that lovely fruit. It's veggie based and has a whole bunch of Omega 3's, protein, and veggies. I feel so good and Max drinks it too! Frozen berries are another great addition.

    Have fun with the smoothies - you'll get addicted!

  2. yaaay! Your smoothie looks delicious. That is a cool trick to add oats/cereal/flax seeds, etc.! And vanilla yogurt probably helped to make a nice creamy overall texture. What a great breakfast!


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