Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Neutral Paint Colours

The kids and I braved the icy, slushy roads this morning to make it to the paint store.  I needed to get some primer to paint the kids' bathroom (I already had the paint), and most importantly, I wanted to get some paint cards to start picking a colour or two for the main floor.  We've been here two years, and I'm more than ready to get a colour I like (and a good quality paint!) on the walls.  So that's what I'm using my Christmas gift money for.

For the walls, I want a neutral that is fresh, not renter's beige (my mom calls it smoker's beige).  I like the green/grey that is in the kitchen around the bay window, but I might want something warmer.  Not pinkish though.

What is your favourite neutral paint colour?  Or, what colour have you painted your walls and why did you choose it?


  1. Our new house has walls that are a warm gold tone and I really like them. Even though I really want to paint the whole thing a light gray!

  2. For WHATEVER reason, I seem to be leaning towards greens lately. I really like the green in your kitchen around the window. A slightly darker shade of that would look nice ;)

  3. I love painting - it can change the whole place!


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