Monday, 31 January 2011

Olive and Turquoise Revisited (and what have I done to my windows?)

 When I went to get paint colour cards for the neutral paint I need for the main floor, I also grabbed a few olive and turquoise colours.  A friend asked me about paint colours to match the above palette, so this is what I came up with.

All these colors are from General paint.
 For a pale, slightly dirty aqua: Rock Flour
A darker version of that: Folly (Rock Flour is half-strenth of Folly).
A slate blue, which isn't in the palette above, but should be: Neutron.  I fell in love with this colour.  I need to see lighter versions of it.  I think half-strength of this colour would be close to the light blue in the palette (second colour).
And the olive green: That Green.  A few others that I liked were close: The Loft (lighter), Sonata (slightly more yellow), and Redux (slightly more blue).

And here they are with my chosen wall colour, Packing Nut:  The colour is darker on the chip than it is on my screen.  I may go one shade darker.

I've been thinking for a while about putting a shelf above the kitchen windows, so the other day I started playing around.  This shelf I found next to the garbage shed in our last house, I'm sure they were used above the two windows at the back of the townhouse.  There are two of them, but one of them is missing the dowel.  That one is downstairs in my craft area.  This one has always been in Juliana's room.  I asked her if it was ok before I took it.  She'll get it back eventually.  I added a few decorative items, and some random curtains I had stashed.

I'm really glad I tried this out.  It made me decide on a few things.  First, I want a deeper shelf, to be more practical as well as pretty.  This one is only about 5 inches deep.  Second, I like the white curtains,but I want them to be even between the two windows, and not covering a third of the window like they are now.

And then I began drawing on my windows with my china-marking pencil to help clarify a character-adding idea I've been thinking about.  Yep, I have lots of plans for these windows.

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