Friday, 25 February 2011

Army Green Painted Trunk

Our coffee table/trunk that Kevin gave me for my birthday in 2009 is now army green.  I still liked the original shiny black finish (see below for before picture), but it was getting a little scratched and I wanted to lighten up the living room a bit.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, but this is only step one.  That pristine coat of paint won't last forever, so I want to aim for a layered and distressed look that can handle my 18-month-old.  I just haven't decided what the next colour will be.  White?  Cream? Aqua?

Whatever I choose, Kevin will probably think I'm crazy.  Yesterday he came home from work, smelled paint, and immediately asked "What are you painting now?" With a very long-suffering tone of voice.  It wasn't the coffee table, which I painted a few days ago.  It was the walls this time!  I've finally started painting the main floor.  It will take me a while, since I have small children and limited nap time.  I've decided to do it in sections, with both coats of paint done one right after another (yay for latex paint that doesn't take forever to dry!).  That way, I don't have to disrupt our entire living space for a week or two, or spend large chunks of time painting.

The colour is more putty-grey than the tan I was going for, but I'm not changing it now.  It's growing on me.  It's the colour of concrete and drywall, plus just a hint of brown.  Actually, as I look at it now, it's exactly the colour I wanted!  I guess it just looks grey in the evening and morning. So, five walls down, 14 more to go!  And that's just the living room.  The kitchen is next.

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  1. Wow, that is so cute!!! I love it and the color makes it so special!!

    Way to go girl!!


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