Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Home Questions

  1. How do I keep my really lightweight furniture from scooting around on the floor when it is not pushed against the wall?  Even the 18 month old can move them.
  2. How can I make my furniture arrangement appear anchored when it is moved away from the wall and/or in front of the windows?
  3. How can I lighten up the kitchen when Kevin won't let me paint the cabinets?  The counters and appliances are all dark.  
  4. Is it possible to change this modern house into a cottage?
  5. Which is more important? a bookshelf or a wing-back chair?
  6. Can I get rid of all the kids' toys and just let them play with the pots and pans?
  7. Is it too early to have a garage sale?
  8. Anyone (that I know in real life) want to come to my house to swap decor items?
  9. In what order should I paint the main floor?
  10. Why doesn't Goodwill supply a big huge donation bag like the ones they have at construction sites?  I could set it up in my yard and just toss in stuff I want to get rid of.  Instead of having to find places to stash things I don't want anymore until I can find a box to fill.
  11. Do people with leather furniture have/use throw pillows?  The ones I have look weird on my couches.
  12. Why is it more common on the internet to call them sofas?  Americans?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Have you tried those rubber shelf liners? You could cut them to go under the feet. That might help.
    2. ??? A table behind with stuff on it ??? That's what I'm going for.
    3. Your kitchen is nice and bright! Long white eyelet curtains would look nice.
    4. Do you mean inside or out or everything?
    5. I would go with the bookshelf! Where else will you put all your books?!?!!
    7. Yes, no one will come in -20, but it is a good time to start organizing one for spring! Forget the swap, let's have a big garage sale! None of us "need" more stuff!
    8. I would LOVE to do a decor swap!!
    9. Do the toughest part first and get it out of the way!
    10. Good question. Whenever I go with just a small bag or box they always ask, "Is this it?" I'm glad I drive by the donation place nearly every day. It's easier than collecting and storing.
    11. Do you think my pillows look weird?
    12. I think you're right about the American/sofa thing. I never noticed it before.


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