Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Blue Bathroom

I think this is the shortest full-room renovation/redecoration project I've ever done. This took less than a week, even with four coats of paint (including primer).  And it cost very little.  Here is what the kids' bathroom looked like before:

Banana-yellow, like the rest of the house.  Messy, because there was nowhere to put things and Juliana has a million-and-a-half hair things.  Random holes in the wall. The reason I chose to do this room first is to give me motivation to keep it clean.

And here it is after:  Tada!

The paint was a quart of mistinted blue from Home Depot.  I went looking for a medium blue or green, and this was what they had.  It's very royal blue.  I don't think any other walls in this house will get quite as saturated of a colour as this one.  I used the ENTIRE quart of paint for three coats.  I think there was a tablespoon or so left at the end.

My favourite part of the whole room is this piece of an old house.  I think it's an old door or window lintel molding.   It was $15 and the antique brass hooks were $2 each, so that makes this the most expensive part of the room.  About an hour after I took these pictures, the whole thing fell off the wall.  I need to figure out how to hang it without making it too permanent.  So today we're off to Home Depot to get brackets and a working stud finder.  I should probably find out how much this thing weighs before we go.

We just happened to have both blue towels and white towels.  The little hand towel below was cross-stitched by one of my high-school friends for a wedding gift.  The star canisters are from Ikea, and currently hold hair ribbons and bandaids.  I need to label those.  The basket will be spray-painted white.  The dry-brushed aqua isn't working.

These flower prints are from Ikea.  They were 50 cents for all three in the as-is section.  I had no idea what I was going to use them for when I bought them.  But they were 50 cents. I may or may not buy some frames for them.

The brass hooks, and the old chipped paint (which I painted over to avoid lead-poisoning my kids) remind me of waiting for my sister's cello lessons to be over.  The music school was in this big old building that had old hooks just like these ones pretty much everywhere, lining the walls and in little closets.  I was probably six-or-so, and I still remember the smell of that school, and the smoothness of those hooks.  If this bathroom were any bigger, I'd have to add a child-size vintage school chair.  That would be perfect.

So, there's our bathroom!  I want it to be my bathroom.  The kids can have ours.  Every time Nico sees the wall colour, he points and says "Bue!"  Yes, it is blue.  Very blue.

I hope to move on to the main floor soon, but probably not until this book I'm editing is done in a few weeks.


  1. BEAUTIFUL. You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Joanna!! You did a great job.

  2. It looks so cute! I can't wait until my bathroom makeover is done, I don't think I will be as speedy as you but mine is a pretty simple makeover too! Great job! I love that blue!

  3. I LOVE the hooks - makes my heart skip a beat! Really a pretty color for a mistint! Great job!


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