Monday, 7 February 2011

Shirt Refashion and Lavender Grain Sack Pillow

Somebody didn't want to model.  She was quite grouchy about it.  So.  Yesterday at 9:30 am, this dress was a ladies' size 3/5 shirt.  When we left the house for church at 10:00 am, it was a dress!  It was in the bunch of clothes that my friend gave me.  I knew it wouldn't fit me, but I knew I could do something with it for Juli.  That's the benefit of having a little girl and a sewing machine.

I was really lazy about how I did it too.  I did not want to mess with taking off the sleeves, so I just sewed up the shoulder seams about 2 inches each, and continued the seam down each arm where there was no seam, tapering it off to the edge about 6 or 8 inches down.  Then I cut off the sleeves at the end of the taper, hemmed them and the back of the neckline and it was pretty much done!  The fit isn't perfect, but it will fit her forever.

Finally a smile!  The original shirt was meant to tie at the back just under the bust level, so the ties ended up perfectly at Juli's waist.


This is the other thing I sewed yesterday, while Kevin and Juli were out watching the superbowl.  Nick and I stayed home.  He played and I embroidered.  Then after he went to bed, I sewed it up!  Inside is almost all of a 100g bag of lavender.  I love that smell!  I had it in the bedroom last night, and it was so nice to wake up to the scent of lavender.  I may add some stuffing to fill it out more.  It's like a large beanbag right now, rather than a pillow.

I used a full six-strand piece of embroidery floss for the letters.  I probably should have used only 3 strands.  Oh well.

My inspiration came from a little grain sack pillow at Dreamy Whites.  It's sold now, so all I have is this picture from when I posted it on facebook.  If the monogram was anything else, I probably wouldnt have been inspired by this, but with the KJ on the antique grain sack they used, it was just perfect.  I used a piece of canvas drop cloth for the fabric. 

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