Thursday, 31 March 2011

First Spring Walk

 Today was the first sunshiny morning we've had since spring officially began.  Even though the sun didn't last long and the sky is now covered in a hazy cloud, I decided that we would walk to the grocery store.  The temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius when we left.  It took me half an hour to walk from home to the baby boutique where I bought a birthday gift.  The grocery store is in the same parking lot.  Then we took a detour before heading home to take advantage of the Thursday $2.75 latte special at Second Cup.  I think I'm addicted to maple lattes (Thanks Ash!).

On the way home, I was pushing at LEAST 100 pounds, with both kids, and the groceries.  With only one hand, since there's no cup holder on the bike trailer.  But we traveled on the north side of the street this time, which had much less ice (but much more mud).  I was exhausted when I got home, but it was so nice to stretch...that's the best part of exercise, by far.

Nico was so proud that he was able to climb up on the side of his crib all by himself.

 Here is the most recent picture of my kitchen/living room.  The kitchen paint colour is exactly the same colour I wanted for our last kitchen.  But in that case I used a cheaper paint which ended up much darker and brighter.

The turquoise colour I chose this time is Glacier Stream, from General Paint.  It is the shade in between Rock Flour (which I love but was too pale compared to the living room paint colour) and Folly (which was a bit too dark).

2011 has so far been marked for me making impulsive decorating decisions.  I decided on a whim to change my colour palette, then I decided only a few days ago that the kitchen should be turquoise.  I think Kevin likes the turquoise better than the tan I was planning.  He wanted an orange kitchen, to match the peachy fake-wood cabinets.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Swooning Over a House

Many women swoon over things they can't have, like a whole chocolate cake, peace and quiet, or TV doctors.  Well, this is my McDreamy:

In all the years that I've been browsing the real estate listings on PEI, I've never come across one that is SO exactly what I want for my forever house.  Even down to the decor. I wonder if they'd sell these bar stools with the house?  Or all the furniture?

Look at this perfect mud room, with the gorgeous blue door! The wall colour is similar to my new living room paint.  (Which I shall post pictures of eventually.  It's hard to keep it tidy enough during the day...and the light is no good once the kids are in bed.)

I've always wanted slanted ceilings in the bedrooms.  I've even dreamed about my someday guest room, with slanted ceilings, an old brass bed, our wedding quilt, and an old blue metal trunk.  The house has four bedrooms.

This teeny tiny room would be a perfect little girl's room.

 The land is 10 acres, set up for horses, and lots of big trees.


Double front doors, lovely wood floors, and a cupboard under the stairs!

It actually almost makes me cry to think that someone else gets to buy this perfect house.  Oh well.  "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house."  It's fun to look at such a gorgeous house.  Kevin doesn't like this one because it is not waterfront.  Maybe we'll retire on PEI.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Juliana's Cute Little Creature

Juliana has a new pet.  She found it in the garage this morning.  She loves her new "little creature".  She has named it "Alassa".

She kept it safe in her fingers in the car to and from church, and worried when one of its legs was bent.   She told me that the radio was "too loud for my cute little creature!"  She says it is a little girl, and that she will take very good care of it.

She worried about losing it, or squishing it, so we put it in a little babyfood jar that she used to keep her coins in.  And now she carries it where ever she goes.

It is Alassa the Foxtail.  Rather, she's a piece of a foxtail...aka, a grass seed with hair.  For the past year, Juli has been afraid of foxtails, but now she has determined that she likes least cute little ones.  That is my funny smart girl.  She's so smart that she told me the definition of the word "tam", which I didn't even know until I was about 15.  She said a tam is a hat that is shaped like an oval.  And she wants to learn how to read.

It's a good thing I have no plans to homeschool this girl. By grade three, she would be teaching me!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Flowers

On Monday, I was having a Bad Day.  For no reason at all.  I thought it prudent to send Kevin a text message: "Fair warning: I am Grouchy."

He was about 15 minutes later than usual getting home, which didn't concern me.  It happens sometimes when you depend on public transit.  But when he walked in the door, he had groceries and flowers!  He was so sweet.  It's amazing how something as small and simple as a bunch of green-dyed mums can completely turn my mood around.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Girly Gift and a few pictures

Juliana is going to a birthday party today, for a girl she doesn't even know.  But I had so much fun wrapping the gift and making a really girly card.

 Nico is my hockey fan.  Ever since he could babble, he loves to cheer for hockey.  He'll sit to watch it with his daddy, and yell something that sounds like "Goal!"  Or maybe it's "Go!" (which he also yells when I'm driving and stopped at a light.)

Juli is a girly-girl herself.  She loves dressing up, and prefers wearing skirts to pants.  Which is good because she recently grew a few inches and nearly all her pants are too short now.  Most of her dresses are too short too. She was colouring with her markers one day, and decided to put on some "lipstick":

Poor Nico is sick again.  Nearly constant fever for the past few days, which I thought at first was caused by his shots.  But add in the runny nose, and it's looking suspiciously like what he had over Christmas.  I hope it doesn't take a month to recover again!  So he and I are at home while Kevin takes Juli to the party.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Yearning for Home

My friend Patty, a brilliant published writer, wrote a most beautiful blog post today.  She writes about what HOME really is.  You should go read it.  Her beautiful word-picture just about made me cry.  I have always yearned for home.  A place that is my hiding place, where I can find rest and comfort.

Read this post too, and enjoy the music.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Girly Hoodie

So I went downstairs to clean up my craft area.  Yeah, it's a mess, again.  But then I found a size 6-8 long-sleeve t-shirt that I had bought for my niece to do some stencilling on.  I ran out of time for that at Christmas, so I still had the shirt.  Coincidentally, I have a birthday party coming up for a 7 year old, and I had just read this tutorial the day before.  So, I whipped up this little hoodie for the birthday girl (when I say whipped up, I mean it took me four hours over two days, because I had to unpick the zipper twice!)

The gray hood used to be part of a t-shirt.  The sleeves aren't as short as they look.  The body is just long.  I just hope it will fit her.  She's fairly slim, so it should.

I had a little help with the photography.  She likes to take extreme closeups. Juliana now wants me to make a headband exactly like that for her.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Old Mirrors on the Wall

I love old mirrors.  I only have one that is verifiably old, due to the chippy painted frame and the spotted glass.  But I love my other ones too.  I bought the square pewter-coloured one at Salvation Army a while ago because I loved the details on the thick wooden frame.  I meant to paint it, but didn't get around to it until yesterday.  I just put a light wash of antique white craft paint over the silverish colour.

I did the same with the one next to it, over gold may be gold leaf.  That mirror is my second favourite, after the little old one.  It came from Value Village and is very heavy.

The tall skinny mirror is from Ikea.  It has embossed metal wrapped around the frame.  It used to have a candle sconce attatched, but I like it better without it.  The little mirror I rescued from a neighbour.  She was going to throw it in the garbage when she was moving out, along with some lovely old frames, which I also rescued.

I haven't been able to come up with an arrangement I like for hanging the mirrors yet.  When I go to the antique show next month, I'll be on the lookout for more.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Words from Juliana - Three year olds are so funny

"You're just a little bit mean!"

"This is how you can fly o'er the enemy if you don't have any pixie dust!"

"I don't like to be pickled!" [tickled]

"I'm all bungled up!" [bundled]

"This is going to be brilliant fun!"

"Daddy is going to be cross."

"When I'm 50, you're going to be sixteen!"

"You have to make a balentimes for your brother Uncle Dan, quick!"

"I want to clean something!"

"I am going to have a baby sister and a baby brother.  So you and Daddy will have one-two-three-four kids!"

"I visited the paro man and the paro girl.  They fixed Nick." [repair]
CD: "...and the walls came tumbling down!"
Juli: "Why did the walls come tumbling down?"
Me: "Because God pushed them."
Juli: "No! Because some benchtables [vegetables] walked around them!
 "When Daddy gets home, he can sit in my chair.  Because we're sharable."

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Last week I won a Blessings Unlimited giveaway over at The Nesting Place.  I had such a hard time picking between the four pillow covers offered, that I asked Juliana to help me choose.  She picked this one.  The background colour is darker than it looked on the computer, but it is perfect.  I love how the dark brown flowers with the lighter blues and greens look in my living room.  I forgot to take a picture of the back.  It has a verse embroidered on it: "You are God my Savior, my hope is in You all day long." (Psalm 25:5)

The kids had to try it out right away.

I planned to go to Ikea to buy the right shape of feather insert.  The one in it now is the big square one (also from Ikea) that used to be in my red pillow cover.  But I really like the over-stuffed look and feel of it.  The shape of the pillow is perfect for our couches.

I also recently made two tiny Signe rug pillows.  The Signe rug is also from Ikea.  When I first saw them, I had to buy one, simply because my mom's name is Signe (pronounced SEE-na).  It helps that they're really cute stripy-little rugs.  I had it in my kitchen in our last house, but with the slippery laminate here, along with two preschoolers who thought it was a blanket, it just didn't work out at this house.  Then I saw this pillow, also made from a Signe rug.  So I had to try it.  I'm not 100 per cent pleased with them.  I think I made the corners too rounded, and both need at least twice the amount of stuffing.  But the kids like them.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Pretty Pear Pie

I bought a bag of pears at Costco last week.  They're now all ripe, so I had to figure out what to do with the last six.  Two became this pear custard pie.  Only two, because they're huge.  I haven't tasted the pie yet, because it has to cool, but it is gorgeous.

Edited to add: This pie is delicious! The combination of pear and custard is perfect. And it is interesting that this custard has no milk in it. I used our Dominican Republic pure vanilla extract, which is really strong, but the flavours still blended nicely in this pie. If I make this in the fall, I might add cinnamon and use brown sugar instead of white.

This One Room... my dream house.

A Country Farmhouse: Dining Room

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Lazyman's Edge Painting Method

Step one: Paint with a roller

Step two:  Continue painting with a roller right up over the edge of the trim for a small section--about 2 feet maybe (I've used just this mini roller to paint the entire living has just never seemed worth the trouble to get out the big roller and pan).

Step 3:  Grab one of these (every painter should have these...they're the best!). 

Use the baby wipe to clean the paint off the trim quickly before it dries.  Be careful (at least on your second coat) not to touch the wet wall paint with the wipe...but if you do, you can always fix it.


It works on the baseboards too.  Yes, that is door and window casing that they used for baseboards.  We also have that stuff along our fireplace weirdo-mantle and the top of the half wall..  It looks strange.  I long to one day have real baseboards and trim.

Of course, I still use my handy wonderful angled brush for along the ceilings and areas like these:

When you're painting a room with four windows, two doors, and several random areas of trim, you have to take short cuts.  So this is just one of mine.