Friday, 4 March 2011

Creative Expression

 I believe that each person's soul craves creative expression.  When I was a kid, my soul leaked its creativity all over the page in the stories I would write (or, in most cases, plan to write).  I also loved to draw and often combined the two by drawing scenes from my stories.

After I got married, I continued writing for a couple of years, but then I just got too busy and too afraid of failure to write.

My creativity redirected itself into sewing, since I inherited my grandma's old 1960s sewing machine.  I think I have a one-track mind.  I am incapable of concentrating on more than one type of creativity at a time.  It goes along with my obsessive personality.

And then we bought our first house.  And my creativity exploded all over it.  I love making my home pretty, from turquoise and gold walls and marble mosaic tiles in our last house, to my current endeavors with more muted colours and styles in this house.  My creativity has again swung around to home stuff.  As I paint walls, I'm dreaming of how I can make this house lovable.

I am not a fan of new houses, with their lack of architectural character, and poor quality mass-produced workmanship.  But I know that there are things I can do, with a little time and money, to enable me to love this house.  Such as hacking a hole in the wall to add a built-in cupboard, making diamond-paned windows, and somehow some way making the fireplace look not so dumb.

Some people tell me that they could never be as creative as I am.  I disagree.  Creativity doesn't always--or even usually--show itself in building/painting/sewing.  Everyone is creative.  The person who builds computers for fun is creative.  The person who loves to cook great meals (even if exactly following a recipe) is creative.  The person who always loves to have friends over is creative.  The person who watches movies and writes reviews is creative.  The person who loves to cuddle babies is creative...

Everyone explodes with creativity.  We can't help it.  It is how we were created.  Now go live your creative lives.

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  1. Jo - I love your observances and you are bang on about people being creative in so many different ways. I have to ask, what kind of dessert is that in the picture? it looks incredible. And the hole in the wall from 2 posts back has me sure know how to be adventurous with houses, always making them better of course!


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