Thursday, 31 March 2011

First Spring Walk

 Today was the first sunshiny morning we've had since spring officially began.  Even though the sun didn't last long and the sky is now covered in a hazy cloud, I decided that we would walk to the grocery store.  The temperature was about 5 degrees Celsius when we left.  It took me half an hour to walk from home to the baby boutique where I bought a birthday gift.  The grocery store is in the same parking lot.  Then we took a detour before heading home to take advantage of the Thursday $2.75 latte special at Second Cup.  I think I'm addicted to maple lattes (Thanks Ash!).

On the way home, I was pushing at LEAST 100 pounds, with both kids, and the groceries.  With only one hand, since there's no cup holder on the bike trailer.  But we traveled on the north side of the street this time, which had much less ice (but much more mud).  I was exhausted when I got home, but it was so nice to stretch...that's the best part of exercise, by far.

Nico was so proud that he was able to climb up on the side of his crib all by himself.

 Here is the most recent picture of my kitchen/living room.  The kitchen paint colour is exactly the same colour I wanted for our last kitchen.  But in that case I used a cheaper paint which ended up much darker and brighter.

The turquoise colour I chose this time is Glacier Stream, from General Paint.  It is the shade in between Rock Flour (which I love but was too pale compared to the living room paint colour) and Folly (which was a bit too dark).

2011 has so far been marked for me making impulsive decorating decisions.  I decided on a whim to change my colour palette, then I decided only a few days ago that the kitchen should be turquoise.  I think Kevin likes the turquoise better than the tan I was planning.  He wanted an orange kitchen, to match the peachy fake-wood cabinets.


  1. I really like the new paint colour. It'll look great when you get it all done! Can't wait to see it!
    I'd had enough indoors, and we went for a walk yesterday. We went to the park, which is still buried under 2 feet of snow, but the kids had fun. It does feel good to get out and stretch!

  2. You are so welcome for your new addiction! :)

    We will need to go on a date soon!

    A :)


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