Saturday, 19 March 2011

Girly Gift and a few pictures

Juliana is going to a birthday party today, for a girl she doesn't even know.  But I had so much fun wrapping the gift and making a really girly card.

 Nico is my hockey fan.  Ever since he could babble, he loves to cheer for hockey.  He'll sit to watch it with his daddy, and yell something that sounds like "Goal!"  Or maybe it's "Go!" (which he also yells when I'm driving and stopped at a light.)

Juli is a girly-girl herself.  She loves dressing up, and prefers wearing skirts to pants.  Which is good because she recently grew a few inches and nearly all her pants are too short now.  Most of her dresses are too short too. She was colouring with her markers one day, and decided to put on some "lipstick":

Poor Nico is sick again.  Nearly constant fever for the past few days, which I thought at first was caused by his shots.  But add in the runny nose, and it's looking suspiciously like what he had over Christmas.  I hope it doesn't take a month to recover again!  So he and I are at home while Kevin takes Juli to the party.

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  1. POOR NICK!!! Poor Mommy!!! I'm dying to know what was inside the gift ;)


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