Sunday, 27 March 2011

Juliana's Cute Little Creature

Juliana has a new pet.  She found it in the garage this morning.  She loves her new "little creature".  She has named it "Alassa".

She kept it safe in her fingers in the car to and from church, and worried when one of its legs was bent.   She told me that the radio was "too loud for my cute little creature!"  She says it is a little girl, and that she will take very good care of it.

She worried about losing it, or squishing it, so we put it in a little babyfood jar that she used to keep her coins in.  And now she carries it where ever she goes.

It is Alassa the Foxtail.  Rather, she's a piece of a foxtail...aka, a grass seed with hair.  For the past year, Juli has been afraid of foxtails, but now she has determined that she likes least cute little ones.  That is my funny smart girl.  She's so smart that she told me the definition of the word "tam", which I didn't even know until I was about 15.  She said a tam is a hat that is shaped like an oval.  And she wants to learn how to read.

It's a good thing I have no plans to homeschool this girl. By grade three, she would be teaching me!

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