Thursday, 3 March 2011

The next steps...

So, hacking a hole in the wall is the easy part.  I am building a little cupboard in that empty and formerly-wasted space.  This is the first step to getting my mudroom in the back entry.  The kid's artwork will move in to the cupboard, then the cleaning stuff can move from the back entry to the front entry, then one day when I've convinced Kevin of my plans and we have a spare Home Depot gift card or two, the itsy-bitsy mudroom with built in open lockers will materialise!  That's my plan anyway.

So, all my papers and calculating (it's been 9 years since I last used trigonometry!), are to figure out the best placement for the pieces of wood (probably MDF) that I'll need for building the cupboard.  They don't fit on a 4x4 sheet, so I figured I'd get the wood cut for a couple of other projects while I'm at it.  We don't have a table saw or even a workshop area, so I'll have to have Home Depot cut all the pieces for me.  (I may go to Rona instead...I had to wait half an hour with cranky kids the last time I needed something cut at HD.)

I was thinking of going today after Juli's dance class, but I think I'll actually have to wait 'til I can go without the kids.  I don't think my 4x8 sheet of wood would fit in the stroller and there's no baby seat on the lumber cart.  But maybe I can act like a damsel in distress and get some strong man to cart it around for me.

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