Wednesday, 2 March 2011

When the cat's away...

Kevin will probably be looking for a work-at-home job now, so he can keep an eye on me. Like the new paint colour?

Update for The Nester's Take A Risk Day:
Well, there really is no update, except the edges of the hole are trimmed straighter, and the tools are put away.  The children like to climb in and out of the hole.  I discovered while screwing in the 2x4 supports that I can fit my entire body, minus one leg in the hole. I did some figuring and measuring, and one day soon I will make my way sans kids to Home Depot to buy the wood (MDF, probably) that I need to build my little cupboard in this previously wasted space by the front door.


  1. Too funny! Can't wait to see your finished product! I like the paint colour! Can't wait to see that all finished too ;)

  2. That would definitely classify you as a risk taker!! Reminds me of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" when the husband comes home and the wife has demolished walls. haha


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