Friday, 11 March 2011

Words from Juliana - Three year olds are so funny

"You're just a little bit mean!"

"This is how you can fly o'er the enemy if you don't have any pixie dust!"

"I don't like to be pickled!" [tickled]

"I'm all bungled up!" [bundled]

"This is going to be brilliant fun!"

"Daddy is going to be cross."

"When I'm 50, you're going to be sixteen!"

"You have to make a balentimes for your brother Uncle Dan, quick!"

"I want to clean something!"

"I am going to have a baby sister and a baby brother.  So you and Daddy will have one-two-three-four kids!"

"I visited the paro man and the paro girl.  They fixed Nick." [repair]
CD: "...and the walls came tumbling down!"
Juli: "Why did the walls come tumbling down?"
Me: "Because God pushed them."
Juli: "No! Because some benchtables [vegetables] walked around them!
 "When Daddy gets home, he can sit in my chair.  Because we're sharable."


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