Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pretty Food

Part One:

I actually planned our supper menu this week.  I sat down with the newest Kraft What's Cooking magazine, and marked the recipes I wanted to try.  And then bought the groceries I needed for the three I'm trying this week.

Yesterday, I made Honey Balsamic Glazed Salmon for supper.  I was a little leery about the zucchini, since I hated it when I was a kid, and I haven't cooked it much myself.  But it was delicious!  I loved this recipe.  And Kevin even gave me the ok to make it again.  This is probably the first time ever that I haven't overcooked salmon.

I had bought some lemons for something else, and had extra, so I decided to take 10 seconds to garnish the meal (of course four lemon slices is a little bit of overkill), which I served in my largest leaf-shaped platter.  I have been trying to use my serving dishes at supper time, to justify keeping them.  And also to have a pretty table.

Tonight we're having pizza, using the dough recipe from the magazine, but my own topping. (chicken and fresh tomato, with fresh basil.)  I'm worried about the pizza dough.  The last time I made pizza dough, it tasted like cardboard.

Tomorrow is supper at church (Yay, I don't have to cook!), and then for Thursday, I have Mango-Orange Chicken planned.  Friday is Easter dinner with Kevin's family.  I have to come up with an appetizer or hot veggie dish to bring, and I have absolutely no idea what to make!  What would you make?

Part Two:

We had our moms' group at church this morning, and the kids and I had lunch there so we could help with the set for the Easter musical.  I made our sandwiches and got a few other things together, and then I was going to throw it all into a grocery bag.  Then, in order to make it easy for Juliana to carry without squishing anything, I decided to use a basket.  The only one we had that was the right size with a handle was in the kids' bathroom.  So I dumped out Juli's hair ribbons, and packed in our lunch.

After I took these pictures, I tucked one of my antique linen napkins over the top.  Who says pretty can't be practical?


  1. That looks yummy! As for zucchini, I like it marinated in italian dressing (regular or fat free, your choice) and grilled. You can do them in long strips (maybe .25 inches thick), or coins - it's also good marinated with other veggies like mushrooms, bell peppers, etc, whatever you like and grilled like shish ke bab. Even my son likes veggies that way :-) I just found your blog, and am really enjoying it - thanks!


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