Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wool Circle Skirt

Back in January, I really wanted to make something for myself out of a piece of wool fabric I had.  But I wanted it to be easy.  No zippers, no button holes.  So I made a circle skirt with a waistband.   I used my favourite skirt for the waistband pattern. I also added a ruffle at the bottom, made out of a loosely-woven piece of polyester-ish fabric.  I think I originally bought that remnant to cover a lampshade.  But the texture and weight is a good contrast for the wool.  I wasn't sure about the ruffle at first.

To avoid button holes, I made button loops instead.  That  allowed me to avoid making a button placket.  I used olive green thread for the top stitching, just because I felt like it.

 I love this skirt.  There is only one thing I don't like about it, and that's the length at the front.  It didn't occur to me that I would need to shorten it a little at the front to make it look even all around.  Oh well. 

I had the skirt completely done except for one row of top-stitching and the buttons, from January through March.  I think in total this skirt took me about two hours to make.  Kevin was my obliging photographer today, and he kept doing weird things, so I have an annoyed look on my face in a few of the pictures, like so:

I think I need to get some cowboy boots to wear with this.   

 Edited to add: I think the problem with the front being longer isn't that I needed to shorten it.  I think it's just because the waistband is actually a little big!  If I took it in about 2 inches, I think it would be perfect.  But I can't really do that without taking the whole skirt apart.  Maybe I could move the buttons over to fix it.


  1. So cute! No one would even notice the "un-eveness" if you didn't mention it! Nice job!!

  2. Love it!! Love it!! That is my kind of skirt. And I agree, you can't really see the uneveness. I think the ruffle may help with that. Besides, who stands perfectly straight for longer than a minute? :p

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE the skirt! I especially adore the buttons, great job. The Cameo you are wearing is beautiful too. I'm sure there is a story behind it.

  4. this is the cutest skirt ever! love the ruffles and button loops. I am officially impressed!
    plus, you are adorable!

  5. I love this skirt! Nice job. The button loops are such a neat touch. Was this skirt hard to draft? I saw the tutorial on Made and want to try it out sometime.


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