Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I want my grass to look like this:

Unfortunately, it looks like this (and in the back yard, it's lumpy too):

In a few weeks, it will turn green.  Most of it anyway.  Some Nutrilawn salesmen payed me a visit yesterday.  They just had to point out how patchy our lawn is.  And how weedy our neighbourhood is.  Repeatedly.  That's the way to win customers!  Kevin won't let me put up a "no solicitors" sign.

Despite the brown grass, my front garden is looking lovely!  I'll take pictures soon.  I cleaned up three of my five garden beds yesterday, with Juliana's help.  She actually was a very big help!  Much better than a couple of weeks ago when she wrapped her little hands around my daylily and said, "This is a big weed!"  Luckily, she didn't pull hard enough to damage it.

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