Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Spring Tea Party

I like tea.  And I like pretty dishes and pretty food.  And I like decorating. 

My friend and I decided to throw a tea party, just because.  We've spent the last month and a half planning it.  I made invitations and sent them out, and I made all the decorations, using mostly what I had on hand.  I think the only things I bought to decorate with were the roses and a 2-pack of crepe paper streamers.

Due to a power outage on Thursday, I had to cut back a little on the decorating.  I couldn't use my iron, glue gun, or computer for about four hours, so there were fewer garlands, and no place cards or food lables.  Oh well, next time.

Sherisse and I pooled our china and linen resources.  Most of the pretty teacups and tea pots are hers.

We asked everyone to bring a short quote or reading to share.  I loved them all.  One of our friends even wrote a poem for the event, which had most of us almost in tears.

To drink, we had four kinds of tea, along with Lavender Lemonade.  Seriously, this was the most delicious juice I've ever had. 

Sherisse made all the food, and it was all perfectly divine.  We had Cucumber Sandwiches (of course!), Lemon Curd Tarts, Lavender Shortbread (in the shape of little tea pots), Scones with butter and strawberry jam, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Pansies (edible!), and Smoked Salmon Blinis with Nasturtium Butter).  Kevin said, "Don't you girls know flowers are for looking at, not eating?"  I said, "Try some Lavender Lemonade."

I finally got to use my 100+ year old napkin rings that my Nanny gave me!  She said they're from Papa's family.  Unfortunately, they didn't engrave anything.  But they're lovely.

We tried to invite a diverse group, and I'm so glad we did!

Sherisse and I spent a morning making feathery fascinators for our guests.  Some were a bit on the dramatic side, but we had fun with it!  I'm sure I'll be wearing mine again, and possibly making more.

My lovely co-host:

This is what my kitchen looked like for the party (and it still looks like this):


  1. So beautiful, what a fun thing to do. I think I have the same dresser style in my room as your cabinet that held the goodies. It's been painted white. :)

  2. just beautiful! i love the idea of a good old fashioned tea party. :)

  3. The tea party was as lovely as it looks!! Thank you Joanna and Sherrise for a lovely afternoon!! Joanna your home was GORGEOUS, and Sherrise, the food was AMAZING! Thanks again, girls!

  4. What fun and I think it was great to invite all different age groups, that might not otherwise get together. Everything looks lovely and the food sounds delicious.

  5. I found you via kasey buick website.. So glad to have found another person that just loves to throw a little party for no reason! I loved your tea party and I loved how you set it up..Makes me want to throw a tea party now..Very cute!
    Going to look at teh rest of your pretty blog now :)


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