Monday, 6 June 2011

Bike Bag

I still don't have a basket on my bike yet.  I've looked at a few, but haven't found anything I particularly want yet.  And even when I do have a basket, I'll likely need it for things other than my wallet, keys, diapers, etc.  Like milk.  Or farmers market stuff.  So I decided to make an over-the-shoulder tote bag for when I'm biking.

Polka-dot poly-cotton on the outside, an old cotton sheet for lining, pink top-stitching, a couple of pockets and a couple of yellow buttons, and I have a new bag.

I'd love to do some freezer paper stenciling, but the image I want would be too complex to cut by hand...if only I had a Silhouette...

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  1. So how does it work? It's super nice. I can't believe you can just whip something like that up out of the blue! does it throw you off balance while you are biking?



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