Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rambling about Contentment and Laundry

I have realised something lately...well, today.  I am content.  It doesn't happen often, since I'm totally disorganized, and rarely have a calm enough brain to reflect on my blessings.  I'm actually content with my house.  That doesn't mean there aren't a million and a half things I want to change about it.   But I'm more focused on how to make THIS house work, rather than thinking "It will be better in our next house."

My goal is to simplify and get rid of stuff.  Including the kids' outgrown clothes.  That is a bit scarey to me, since we haven't decided whether we're having more kids or not.  But right at this moment, I'm actually feeling content with having only two kids.  If you knew how I was raised, that would be a shocking revelation!

The most important thing I need to get a handle on right now is laundry.  I need to make our laundry room functional, and I need to find a place to store our dirty laundry.  We used to keep a pile/basket in everyone's room, but I think I really need to have it all in one place.  So my plan is to move the kids' books into Nick's room and use the space in the upstairs hall for a hamper.  And then, I need to put the laundry away once it's washed.  That one is hard, since I'm usually folding laundry when the kids are sleeping, then I can't put theirs away until they wake up. 

I'm thinking about a solution to that.  I'm not sure if Kevin will agree. What if both kids sleep in the same room?  If we did that, there wouldn't be room for their clothes, so we'd put the dressers in the other room.  And maybe have a reading nook in there.  Juli could have her quiet time in the reading/dressing room, since she doesn't really need a nap.  I like this idea better and better!


  1. Joanna what a good idea especially while they are small. They won't share forever...and ho early, how cute it is that they could have a dressing/reading room! And how cute it would be to hear them whispering late at night after you've said good night, giggling with each other, oh I hope it works! I have the same problem with laundry, it's so nice that Dustin is home more now and helps with the washing of it...but the putting away is the real burden!

  2. Oh that was me Heidi by the way. Can't figure out how to sign in!

  3. We had our kids share rooms quite a few times, their rooms were only for sleeping. The toys and everything else went to another room. It kept their rooms peaceful and I loved that!!


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