Saturday, 9 July 2011

Book Review: A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley

Margaret Brownley’s A Vision of Lucy is the story of a young woman in 19th century Rocky Creek, Texas, who is desperate to become a professional photographer, despite all the trouble she gets herself into when striving for the perfect photograph. Her widowed father does not understand Lucy’s devotion to her work, and wishes she would settle down and get married. Lucy’s photographic stunts put her in danger with some stagecoach robbers but she is rescued by the feared “wild man of Rocky Creek”—who may not be as wild as the rumours suggest.

It’s been a while since I read an inspirational historical western romance.  I grew up reading Jeanette Oke and Stephen Bly.  I found this story to be refreshingly different  First, there’s that mind-blowing kiss in chapter three.  Good Christian girls aren’t supposed to think about that kind of stuff!  Second, I loved the historical details that the author included.  This book is completely stuffed with details, which really makes the story stand out to me. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed the story. So much so, that I requested another of the Rocky Creek Romances from my library, A Lady Like Sarah.  I would caution you to read that one before you read A Vision of Lucy.  My impression of Sarah from her small part in Lucy’s book made me think of her as a country bumpkin/hillbilly, not a powerful, beautiful ex-outlaw.

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