Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Four years old

My girl is four today.  We had her birthday dress-up party on Saturday, with kids ranging in age from 2 (almost 3) to 7.  Juliana picked the activities: decorating crowns (my friend recommended the foam ones from Michaels...brilliant idea!), and a treasure hunt (which turned into a water balloon hunt).

Juli wore her ballet costume.  This morning we woke her up so that she could have her presents before her daddy left for work.  She was shocked, I think.  She kept saying, "A scooter and a bike?  How did you know I wanted a scooter AND a bike?"  We found both on kijiji.  If we'd had to buy new, she wouldn't have either.

Right now, she's drawing pictures for her friends.  I think she's expecting them to come over for another party today.

Nick needed to be fed strawberries and grapes to keep him out of the way of the gift opening at the party.

This is Juli's new puppy.  Her name is "Audra."

 It has come as a bit of a shock to me that my little baby girl is suddenly four.  She has grown several inches in the past few months, and she's looking so much older.

Three years ago. 
 Last week.

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