Monday, 22 August 2011

Big Girl Room: Memo board

I made something for Juli's new violet walls this weekend.  She loves keeping her birthday cards, and pictures, and invitations, etc.  So I made her a french memo board as a place to keep them.

This time I used an old wood-framed bulletin board that I found at Value Village.  I covered it with two layers of polyester quilt batting, and some turquoise fabric I had.  I didn't have enough ribbon to do all one colour, so I did two.  I like the look.  With the double-layer of batting, the ribbon wasn't tight enough to hold the cards against gravity, so I added some button tufting to the top, middle, and bottom rows.  I may add another four buttons if necessary.  That's what made using a bulletin board such a good idea.  No drill was needed to sew the buttons on!  I used 1mm satin ribbon for the stitches.

I used larger buttons on the back to secure it, since the ribbon was pulling through the board.

Juli is happy with the result, and so am I.

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